Oct 5, 2015

Week 7 : Jam Week

Who will be the MVP?

1998 JuCo Express, MVP Lavorn Colclough, Marhsall
1999 Thomas College Roosters, MVP Frank Moreau, Louisville
2000 The College of Waddle Ales, MVP Robert Sanford, West. Michigan
2001 Dixie, MVP Lucas "Layne" Staley, BYU
2002 The College of Waddle Ales, MVP Brock Forsey, Boise ST
2003 Charleston St. Cowboys, MVP Jason Wright, Northwestern
2004 Dixie, MVP Chad Owens, Hawaii
2005 Mallrats, MVP LenDale White, USC
2006 Allston A&M Frase, MVP Beck, BYU
2007 Devastaion Inc, MVP Chase Daniels, Mizzou
2008 Thomas College Roosters, MVP James Starks, Buffalo
2009 Juco Express, MVP Dan Lefevour, Central Mich
2010 Shamrocks, MVP LaMichael James, Oregon
2011 Cowboys, MVP Harwell, Miami-OH
2012 College of Waddle Ales, MVP Carey, Arizona
2013 Gauchos/Dixie, MVP Brent Smith, QB Wyoming
2014 Cowboys, MVP Melvin Gordon, RB Wisc

2015 --- ?

Sep 5, 2015

Saturday Early DK Plays

Lineup One
QB Dave Evans Tulsa 6,700
QB Luke Falk WSU 9,600 (I think he is the one must start guy this week)
RB Zack Langer Tulsa 4,500
RB Roc Thomas Auburn 4,300
WR Jordan Payton UCLA 4,700
WR  Kyrin Priester WSU 3,300
WR J Westerkamp Neb 3,900
Flex Devin Lauderdale TT 5,200
Flex Keevan Lucas Tulsa 7,800

Lineup Two
QB Dane Evans Tulsa 6,700
QB Jeremy Johnson Auburn 7,000
RB James Conner Pitt 9,800
RB C McCaffery Stanford 4,800
WR Roger Lewis BGSU 5,700
WR Malcom Mitchell GA 4,800
WR MarQuez North TN 4,200
FLEX Greg Howell FAU 3,000
FLEX Charone Peak 3,900

Aug 30, 2015

Get your line-up in


CFFL 2015

Most of you are already in the habit, but putting in a line-up right away is a great habit; you can change your line-up upto 5 minutes before kickoff of their individual game.

And please keep in mind--there is no DNP.

Aug 20, 2015

Tuesday Aug 25th 8 PM

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 92533


Grittys Freeport Sat Aug 29 1-4:30

Jul 21, 2015

New Home for League

Blog will continue, but site does have a chat:

The CFFL 2015

For now, please post 4 retained players and I will work on adding them once I solve retention.

"Shake" will run with retained players and auto draft and worry about line-ups later unless he shows.

Invite is in your e-mail--do what is necessary to get signed up.

* League Name:
* League password:
League ID:

Commish needs a clarification on Juco/Big Green conditional pick (2nd or 4th.)

-Player pool is ranked and will reflect retained players.  You can adjust rankings as you wish for your screen and should you miss the draft, it will pick automatically based on your rankings.

-Commish might opt for an offline draft and data entry after.  No matter what, there will be a phone call.  Ideally, with everyone plugging in their pick, but that might be too much to ask...

Jul 14, 2015

JuCo Returning Roster: 2015

QBs Reynolds, Navy RBS  Chunn, Troy Perkins, UCLA Gray, Texas Gordon, Arkansas St Wrs  Wilson, Ohio Stat Brown, Northern Illinois TES Henry Ark 3rd Opening Day Starters: QB: Reynolds RBs: Perkins, Gordon WRs: TBD TE: Henry Up with JuCo. Way, way up.

May 1, 2015

NFL Draft Round One Review

CFFL alum in the first round.

Dec 16, 2014




Thomas College Roosters 66  JuCo Express 34

Congrats to the Thomas College Roosters, the 2014 Tecmo Bowl Champions!

Gansett Bowl

Foxborough St Cowboys72 vs Natick MallRats 34 (TE OH St

JCG Bowl Winner"

Shamrocks (44)

Rats -160
Green -210

23 Plummer Mill Rd
Durham ME 04222


Dec 15, 2014

Future of the League

Gents, as the longtime Commissioner of the League, it is time to address the State of the League and the Future.  This is the longest running, in terms of low turnover, league, I know about, and I realize it means a lot to all of us as a means of “staying in touch.”   

And I love college football from the view of fantasy.

But the current format is a dinosaur and it is over; the current format is not functioning properly as intended by the league constitution.  I realize it’s a cheap league—as was always the plan—but in a way, that encourages apathy do to the nature of the league.  And it should be noted that one dean doesn’t have the bandwidth for the league in its current form anymore.

The Commish is reluctant but willing to keep on keeping on, minus one team—at least one more year, but he also thinks it is time to let the flavor of the day take over.  I have several ideas to try to put the future of the league on a firmer footing.

1)      Draftkings: Commish will Maintain a head to head schedule, total points, divisions, playoffs, bowl games/or just pure total points by scores on draftkings that will run on top 3 paid week to week tournaments.  Sept. would be cheap $5 per week, and the Jam would be $10, winner take all.  Then back to $5.  Alternatively, each Dean could host a week, and set the payout and buy in (max. lets say $10 with a more generous number of winners, vs smaller entry, higher payout for winner.)  Quite simply, the interface for day fantasy football is better then anything we can do and will reignite the league alone.
2)      Paid Commish service.  We’ll have to adopt some minor version of performance points and revisit our retention rules and waiver wire.  I don’t see this as a means of getting Deans excited again, but the interface has to be better.  Watching real time scoring for performance points is outstanding.
3)      Keep on, Keeping on…Expand rosters, drop red shirt, and eliminate trades after Week 1.---if keeping our current add/drop, no retention.  Keeping in mind, the Tecmo division is down a team.

Back to Draftkings—part of my thinking is that we could invite people no longer playing our league to play for a weekend, and have our chat and blog. We once had a very good Texas Hold-em game...

Dec 5, 2014

Going Pro

Sam Coates--WR Ales/Auburn
Melvin Gordon - RB Cowboys/Wisc
Devin Funchess - WR Green/Michigan
 Jay Ajayi, RB Roosters/Boise St
Coleman RB Shamrocks/Indy 
Dee Hart RB Rooster/CSU
Mike Davis RB Frase/South Carolina
Todd Gurley RB Georgia
Max Willaims TE D'Inc/Minn
Brett Hundley QB UCLA/JuCo
Duke Johnson RB Rats/Miami
Jaelen Strong WR Arizona
Nelson Agholor WR JuCo/USC
Stefon Diggs WR Cowboys/Maryland
Dorial Green-Beckham WR Cowboys/OK/Mizzou
Amari Cooper WR Roosters/Bama
Deontay Greenberry WR Rats/Hou
Jaemis Winston QB Cowboys
TJ Yeldon RB Ales/Bama
J Allen RB Ales/USC
Chris Harper WR Cowboys/Cal

D.J. Foster RB Rats/ASU
Cody Kessler QB Green/USC


Nov 23, 2014

Playoff Championship

Cato 28
18 Reynolds
Dixon 18
Gray 0
Gordon 12
24 Gordon
Harper 0
18 Parker
Davis 6
6 Algore
Russell 0
12 TE Marshall

Semi Finals

JuCo 36 Ales 28
Cowboys 50 Rats 40

Nov 16, 2014

Playoff line-ups


Congrats to the College of Waddle Ales for winning the I-Play Division.

Congrats, by virtue of third tie breaker (1-1 head to head, identical 7-1 conference records, most points) to the Foxborough State Cowboys, for winning the Tecmo Division.

Congrats to the Thomas College Roosters for winning the Brass Spittoon and a spot in the Tecmo Bowl.


Juco Express vs College of Waddle Ales
Cowboys vs Rats

Nov 9, 2014

Week 12 Finals


Week #12

Ales 32atFrase 26
Shamrocks 36atRoosters71
Juco Express64atGauchos 20
Dinc 48atBig Green 28
Cowboys 12atRats 58

Nov 8, 2014

Arkansas State All Century Team


It was nice to see so many JuCo favorites (Reggie Arnold, Corey Leonard, Jonathan Adams, and Ryan Aplin) named to the Arkansas State All Century team. 

Pride. A JuCo tradition. 

Nov 2, 2014

Week 11 line-ups

Standings/Line ups

Roosters or Cowboys--can you remind me which Vaughn you have on Old Dom?
Week #11

Cowboys 44 at42Shamrocks
Rats 30at 20Juco Express
Frase 44at 40Roosters
Dinc 50at 16Gauchos
Ales 34at32Big Green

Oct 26, 2014

Week 10 Finals

Standings/Line ups

Week #10

Gauchos 12atFrase 16
Dinc 54atCowboys42
Juco Express 64atAles12
Shamrocks 14atBig Green 44
Roosters 34atRats 46

Oct 23, 2014

Week 9 Line-ups

Standings/Line ups

Week #9

Cowboys 52atFrase 22
Juco Express 28atShamrocks 20
Rats50atDinc 40
Big Green50atRoosters 70
Ales34atGauchos 26